The Production of a Lookbook Shoot for Raisa Kok

"We all yearn to melt the earth with our breath and engrave the sky with our signature. We want the waves to whisper our name when they hit the shore and the fishes to tell our tales to their offspring. Creation lies in the nature of our being. It’s the answer to our instincts and the path to immortality."

Doesn't that sound poetic? It's a text I wrote for the treatment of a lookbook shoot that I produced for the fashion designer Raisa Kok, together with the photographer Tess de Boer. A lot of brainstorms, concepting, moodboards, planning and production preceded this shoot. My introductory text even continued introducing the characters Clover and Crimson:

"Indulge in the compelling journey of Clover and Crimson. Two lost souls, who wander through an apocalyptic dreamscape. Through adornment and embellishment they explore their ambiguous nature and the road to enlightenment. Their graving for immortality expresses itself in a plenitude of opulence."

During spontanious productions "the moment" can overwhelm you and inspire you to create the most imaginative visuals. Once you set up a rigid framework and determine a clear direction it can work quite limiting. However when you want to produce a cohesive series, that can be useful for a fashion publication, you need to have great images of every look that are all coherent in style. This simply requires a little more brainwork. References that guide the entire team in the same mindset can also come in handy.

For this particular lookbook shoot photographer Tess and I created a moodboard for every image, stating the outfit, the location, the poses, accessoires, hair, make-up and sphere. Curious to the outcome? You can find our lookbook shoot for Raisa Kok here!

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