Capturing the Moment: Portraits featuring model Sara

Recently I got familiar with the concept of Facilitating Spontaneity. This concept has been brought to my attention by my dear friend, photographer and enthusiastic practitioner of his own believes, Mark Marlon. The idea behind Facilitating Spontaneity is that you supply all the necessary facets for a professional, but above all approachable dynamic in order to let all involved parties feel encouraged to respond to the moment.

Essential for the concept of Facilitating Spontaneity to happen is a Sprezzatura attitude. This Italian word can be translated as a certain nonchalance, so as to conceal all art and make whatever one does or says appear to be without effort and almost without any thought about it.

Now I'm not a very spontaneous and nonchalance person. When I'm producing a fashion shoot, I preferably have a moodboard for every look stating the location, accessoires, lighting, make-up, poses and what not. But this was not such a shoot. The morning of the day we planned to shoot, we still didn't find our model! Fortunately the beauty Sara crossed our path and we could get to work.

The idea was to shoot the frivole fashion collection of a KABK graduate against the backdrop of the Dutch annual Veterans Day: an inventive way to achieve great production value with little money. The contrast between impressive army vehicles and a fragile beauty in delicate attire is a fashion photography classic we copied form our hero's.

My favourite photo's of the day don't feature any tanks or jet fighters. Nor do they feature the collection we aimed to shoot. Instead it was the magical moment that Sara caught the sun rays that have been filtered by the siren on top of an army ambulance, while she wore my sequin bargain from Zara. As an experienced Facilitator of Spontaneity, photographer Mark Marlon managed to recognize and capture this moment. The result is very Sprezzatura.

photography | Mark Marlon

styling | Juliette Sijnja

model | Sara

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