Moodboard inspired by the Psychedelic Western El Topo

If you follow me for a bit longer, you must be aware how much value I attach to moodboards. They are a great tool to validate your vision and add depth to your concept. I always get overwhelmed with excitement when I notice my ideas start to take shape. What I love most about creating moodboards is that in this phase of the creative cycle it's very likely that your concept evolves beyond what you could ever imagine it to be.

still from El Topo 1970

Last summer I pitched a lookbook shoot for Ninamounah. The Dutch fashion designer launched the conceptual Evolve Around Me collection with references to Western Equestrian attire. I started my visual research at the "Space Cowboy" aesthetic: a rather marginal trend on Pinterest of girls with bedazzled cowboy hats. This leaded tot the discovery of the utterly fascinating director Alejandro Jodorowsky and his 1970 Western El Topo. It became my aim to place Ninamounah's collection in a surreal desertlike setting and create a fashionable translation of occult psychedelia and grotesquerie.

Image credits from left to right, up to down: Elina Brotherus, still from El Topo (1970), Jean-Baptiste Courtier, still from El Topo(1970), Ben Toms for Kenzo, Andrew Tarnawczyk, Tyrone Lebon, still from El Topo(1970), Mona Kuhn

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