Personal Note on the Relevance of Features Writing

What’s the change you’re reading this? Perhaps you’ve seen me post a visual that attracted your interest on Instagram. Many other people scrolled over this image without even looking. But you’re one of the few that clicked through the link in my bio to my website. Now there was also a probability that you would quickly glance at the photos and return to the comfortable confined square content of Instagram. A probability that is much more likely to occur than that you would actually take the time to digest my message.

An Ode to Fashion

Still I've written this text. You might wonder why. For Google maybe? As you might have noticed these are not the “5 tips to create valuable content” type of texts. Some features on my page are quite theoretical. Perhaps you'll even find them long winding. Wouldn't it be more meaningful and effective to spend my time creating funny memes you can relate to within a few seconds?

Now I'm not bashing Instagram the slightest. In fact, evoking an emotional response with as little words as a hashtag is a pure art form. And no I'm not ignoring Google either. As a SEO copywriter Google is always in the back of my mind. Yet I refuse to treat him like a toddler, clearly articulating my name in his face over and over in the hope that it would be the first word he repeats.

But above all, if we continuously let the way in which we express ourselves be influenced by the preference of an alogornarythm, we could just as well be robots. That's why I chose to tell stories from a personal perspective. I hope you can relate to them. If not, you can still increase my visibility by saving these photo's from my latest styling job to your Pinterest Boards!

photography | Mark Marlon

styling | Juliette Sijnja

models | Melatti at Touche Models & Sara

fashion | Bodyflow Bff