About Juliette Sijnja

Hi there! I'd like to introduce myself! I was a promising Fashion & Branding graduate, ready to take the creative industry by storm. But then I sold my soul to e-commerce! I became a lean mean content marketing machine, while I enjoyed the comfort of a monthly pay check and a nine to five working day.

Upon going through my archive of work, I stumbled upon many larger than life projects, that were created with very little means. I got overwhelmed by a sense of nostalgie towards the days that I did unimaginable to bring my imagination alive. Could you imagine I produced an entire fashion film with a cast and crew of 35 people in less than three weeks without any budget?

I thought it would be a shame not to share these visionary projects that has costed me blood, sweat and tears! Moreover I felt sparked to express myself in an artistic idiom again. I started this visual diary, where I'll show both old and new work, along with a little insight in the creative process and my critical view on the industry.

Love, Juliette

Juliette Sijnja photo by Mark Marlon

photo Mark Marlon